I am not sure how it happened. I think the slobbering beast may have attacked me in my sleep. I seem to recall some fitful dreams the other night- perhaps they were not dreams at all.

Whenever Mommy picks me up I can’t hold back a whimper. I know I am no longer a young pup, but these senior citizen pains are not cool.  I can’t exactly tell from where the pain is radiating- is it a pulled groin muscle? Perhaps I strained something in my legs? I’m not limping from pawpaw pain, so it seems to be something done to my torso or legs directly.  It’s not holding me back from eating my dinner before the other “dog” tries to sneak bites of my food. But I am not as active as I usually am able to be.

I may need round-the-clock care now. Mommy and Daddy should just quit their jobs. I think I need 24/7 snuggles to keep my strength. Hand-feeding will probably be necessary too. While we’re on the food subject, I think we need to transition into a human food diet. I feel like that dry kibble is not conducive to healing in the same way that Mommy and Daddy’s food would be.  This should include unlimited drinks of milk, and tastes of that brown creamy sweet-smelling stuff that they always say “isn’t good for me”.  I’m too wise to fall for that shit.


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