Victory, Beefy Treats, and Kisses

Well my friends, it looks like we survived the onslaught of the Squirrels for now.  I have taken the past few days to ruminate on the events of the fateful Fourth, and I have come to one conclusion: we must remain ever diligent. We have held them back, defeated this most recent effort to overthrow our world, but They will not cease. We must always be prepared, for one never knows when the Squirrels will plan an ambush. Nevertheless, we celebrated our victory with beefy flavored treats and lots of belly rubs from the humans. All is well.

It was eerily quiet that evening. Mommy and Daddy seemed subtlely anxious. I had followed through with my plans to fortify our location, and was waiting patiently for the attack. But, as soon as the first pops started, another sound trickled though the air. It slowly got louder and louder, filling the night sky with its battle cry. Lights started flashing, but these were different lights than the other evenings. They pulsed through the street methodically, and Mommy and Daddy sighed with relief and rose with curiosity as the source of the lights flew by the house.  A band of humans, going to quell the Rebellion, sounding the alarm for all around as they headed into the fray of battle. The explosions stopped as suddenly as they had begun. It is difficult for me to admit, fellow canines, but the humans warded off the Squirrel Rebellion. While I am still suspicious of their motives (& still not fully convinced of Mommy and Daddy’s true allegiances), let us all give lick-faces to our human companions this evening.

I hope Wuss is crying in his treehole somewhere. Fluffy little bastard.